Labor in the Ancient World

edited by Piotr Steinkeller and Michael Hudson
Dresden 2015

Inhalt / contents

Piotr Steinkeller

Introduction. Labor in the Early States: An Early Mesopotamian Perspective

C. C. Lamberg-Karlovsky

Labor, Social Formation, and the Neolithic Revolution

Walther Sallaberger and Alexander Pruß

Home and Work in Early Bronze Age Mesopotamia: “Ration Lists” and “Private Houses” at Tell Beydar/Nadaba

Piotr Steinkeller

The Employment of Labor on National Building Projects in the Ur III Period

Seth Richardson

Building Larsa: Labor Value, Scale and Scope-of-Economy in Ancient Mesopotamia

Karen Radner

Hired Labor in the Neo-Assyrian Empire

Michael Jursa

Labor in Babylonia in the First Millennium BC

Mark Lehner

Labor and the Pyramids. The Heit el-Ghurab “Workers Town” at Giza

Ogden Goelet

Problems of Authority, Compulsion, and Compensation in Ancient Egyptian Labor Practices

Dimitri Nakassis

Labor and Individuals in Late Bronze Age Pylos

Tom Palaima

The Mycenaean Mobilization of Labor in Agriculture and Building Projects: Institutions, Individuals, Compensation, and Status in the Linear B Tablets

Michael Hudson

How the Organization of Labor Shaped Civilization’s Takeoff